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There are a variety of methods of removing stumps from your yard. It can be done by manually removing them or by grinding. Let us know which method suits you best.


Our experienced professional will tell you exactly what we're doing so you are completely informed.

  • Stumps are an eyesore

  • Stumps take up space

  • Lawn care is more difficult

  • Stumps can be hazardous

  • And more

Get rid of the eyesore for good

Reasons for stump removal

Shorewood Tree Service provides high-quality stump grinding and removal services for both residential and commercial properties. If you need assistance in removing a stump from your yard, give us a call. Our team of skilled craftsman is here to help.


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Professional stump removal services

Are you tired of seeing that ugly tree stump in your yard? Do you have to do extra work just to move around it? Don't let it bother you anymore! Shorewood Tree Service can provide experienced stump grinding and removal to get that stump out of your way.

Is there an unsightly stump in your yard?

Stump clearing in yard Man grinding the stump with machine